Maxwell Onboarding Overview

Table of Contents

  • Introduction 1

  • Roles and Responsibilities 1

  • Key Assumptions 2

  • Onboarding Success Methodology 2

  • Prepare 2

  • Assess 2

  • Implement 2

  • Test 3

  • Transition 3

  • Post-Onboarding Support 3

This document is intended only as a general overview of Maxwell's onboarding process. Every client’s onboarding will vary according to the client’s specific needs.


Following is a general overview of our proven onboarding methodology that combines the best of traditional milestone-based project management with the iterative benefits of Agile methodology.

;axwell wants to get you live as soon as possible. The more responsive and diligent you are on getting tasks done the quicker you can go live! We can typically get you up and running in 45 days if the time and resources on your side are provided as outlined below.

Our project plan will have all the details spelled out for you and your team and will be customized in the first couple of meetings. If you have any questions about this process please feel free to reach out to our support team at

This project requires a commitment by both your team and Maxwell. Your project team should be aware of their level of involvement across all onboarding phases as illustrated below:

General Client Responsibilities

General Maxwell Responsibilities

  • Give top priority to this project until it’s done.

  • Involve your Compliance team from the start and secure their pre-approval of all relevant content.

  • Own your integration relationships and ensure that they are delivering as needed

  • Provide deliverables (e.g. your logo) and decisions (e.g. LOS auto-push vs. manual push) within two business days of request.

  • Ensure that those needed for project decision-making attend appropriate calls.

  • Ensure relevant staff attend training calls.

  • Plan and manage onboarding project scope, schedule, and guidelines.

  • Serve as the central point of contact for scheduling Maxwell resources, scheduling meetings, and managing the submission and execution of change requests.

  • Enlist other members of the Customer Success Team to assist as needed.

Maxwell estimates your team will spend at least twice as much time onboarding as our team. If your team has limited availability, please alert your Maxwell project manager so we can adjust your onboarding schedule.

Key Assumptions

  • Unless otherwise agreed in advance, any custom development will be scoped, planned, and executed as a separate follow-on project that begins as soon as you are live.

  • There will be a maximum of three rounds of Borrower question flow revisions prior to go-live.

  • Your team is able to reconcile pricing or fee data after we set up integrations with pricing engines. If Maxwell resources are involved with data reconciliation, additional billable hours may be required.

Onboarding Success Methodology

Our Customer Success Team will guide your team through the following project phases:


Goal: Ensure both organizations are ready for and committed to onboarding.

Deliverables: Defined onboarding scope and schedule; list of open issues.

Client Responsibilities

Maxwell Responsibilities

  • Identify your key decision makers and your Client Project Manager (CPM).

  • Review the onboarding process.

  • Coordinate and schedule your team.

  • Review Integration requirements.

  • Kick Off Call to define scope, discuss timing, goals, and when we will need whom.

  • Review our Project Management tool and how it will help this process.

  • Coordinate/schedule internal resources.

  • Work with CPM to define open issues.


Goal: Define implementation details.

Deliverables: Configuration details; project timeline; integration credentials.

Client Responsibilities

Maxwell Responsibilities

  • Identify configuration needs in the context of platform capabilities.

  • Establish contact with third-parties vital to Maxwell onboarding.

  • Establish contact with third-parties vital to your onboarding, if applicable.

  • Manage your team’s expectations.

  • Publish project timeline.


Goal: Configure an instance of the platform according to your needs.

Deliverable: A platform instance that is ready for client review and testing.

Client Responsibilities

Maxwell Responsibilities

  • Provide brand and compliance content.

  • Set up Email DNS records so we can send platform emails on your behalf.

  • Complete assigned configuration tasks.

  • Configure platform instance to support your team’s requirements.


Goal: Resolve open onboarding issues, and plan for launch and user adoption.

Deliverables: Client-approved, Maxwell platform configured as per Client requirements.

Client Responsibilities

Maxwell Responsibilities

  • Assign representatives from all affected user groups to test.

  • Coordinate testing with other vendors, if applicable.

  • Submit written requests for change.

  • Test any changes requested.

  • Verify that the platform is configured in accordance with your requirements.

  • Verify product(s) configuration.

  • Support your testing.

  • Verify any change requests.

  • Coordinate any updates in response to testing.

  • Review procedure for transitioning you to support.


Goal: Transitions client to Maxwell Support team.

Deliverables: live platform.

Client Responsibilities

Maxwell Responsibilities

  • Confirm the Maxwell onboarding project is complete.

  • Add remaining users, roles, and teams to the Lender Hub.

  • Coordinate changing your marketing site URLs, marketing content, and email links on the launch date.

  • Alert your teams that your Maxwell platform is ready for borrowers!

  • Use the trainer method to train your admin and do your initial LO training.

  • Transition client to Maxwell Support team.

  • Update client support email lists with client contact names.

  • Provide Client with Support Portal access.

  • Share Maxwell Support contact information and process with you.

Post-Onboarding Support

Once the Transition phase completes, your team will have access to Support Services, which are available as per your software agreement for troubleshooting, general how-to questions, and more.

Even after you are live, your Customer Success Team is available on an ongoing basis for consulting needs and for conducting Quarterly Business Reviews to help you grow your lending business and to become more operationally productive using the Maxwell platform.

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