November 15, 2023 Release Notes

Time Limit For Auto Disabling Borrower Access To Generate Pre-Qualification Letters

We have added a new option to limit the time in which a borrower can generate a Pre-Qualification Letter. The generation of the letters will be available temporarily for borrowers and will be disabled 90 days after the LO activates the feature. This period can be customizable at the Partner or Site level.

If the LO disables/re-enables the feature the number of days left will be reset.

  • Value to Clients: Our clients will have more control over the letters generated by borrowers.

  • Leveraging this Feature: This improvement was activated automatically for our clients that allow the borrower to generate their own Pre-Qualification Letters, with a default limit of 90 days. If the client wants to modify the number of limit days, they must contact us at

LendingQB Pricing Integration Updates - Auth API

Due to an update to the LendingQB authorization system, it was necessary to change the way of authenticating API calls using the OAuth protocol. The change had to be made before February 2024 and has been made for the LOS integration only. In future sprints the same will be done for the Pricing integration.

  • Value to Clients: This will allow our customers, who use the LendingQB LOS integration, to continue normal operation.

  • Leveraging this Feature: Our clients who use the LendingQB LOS integration will need to go through a setup process in the LOS with the API user that Revvin uses. For more information, please contact us at

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