Jul 13, 2020 Release Notes

Lender Portal

Dashboard Pipeline - Modified Sorting Feature

Effective with this release, we have replaced the original Sort By feature with the ability to sort by clicking Dashboard column headers. This enhancement provides a more intuitive sorting design right now, and in future will also support planned enhancements to allow clients to have more control over the columns that comprise their Dashboard Pipeline.

Documents Tab - Add Date and Time of Upload

Effective with this release, Lender Portal users will be able to see the date and time that:each document was uploaded. This enhancement applies to both Borrower-uploaded and Lender-uploaded documents.

This enhancement will help the Lender Portal user to:

  1. Determine whether the latest version of a document has been uploaded.

  2. Quickly identify any document(s) uploaded since the Lender Portal user last reviewed the loan application and its associated documents.

Documents Tab - Select multiple files for download or LOS push

Until this release, only Lender Portals that were integrated with the Encompass LOS supported the ability for multiple supporting documents to simultaneously be downloaded or pushed to the LOS.

This release extends this feature to work with all LOSs with which MortgageHippo currently integrates. Within either the Borrower or Lender documents category, the Lender Portal user is now able to select all documents in one click, or multiple documents individually,

Custom Task for Collecting Verification of Assets

Many Lenders have an operational structure in which Loan Officers, Branch Managers, and/or Branch Reps initiate and sometimes complete an application within the Lender Portal on behalf of a Borrower.

Some of these Lenders also use one of our Verification of Assets (VOA) integrations. These integrations present a task in the Borrower Portal that lets the Borrower link electronically one or more asset accounts to their application, providing third-party verification of asset accounts and balances.

Lenders for whom both of the above are true had requested that MortgageHippo enhance the Lender Portal to allow the user to request, via adding this new custom Task, that a Borrower link their asset accounts using VOA.

Effective with this release, the VOA Custom Task feature is now available.

Lenders who already use MortgageHippo's VOA integration and who are interested in implementing this option should email us at support@revvin.com.

Lenders who do not use any of MortgageHippo's VOA integrations, but who would like to explore the many benefits of doing so, should email us at support@revvin.com.

Only show Invite text if Borrower account is unclaimed

In the past, we displayed text that invited the Lender Portal user to send a link to the Borrower to claim their account whether or not the account had already been claimed. This caused confusion and a less than ideal user experience.

Effective with this release, we now display separate messages for each of the following use cases:

  • The Borrowers has not claimed their account yet.

  • The Borrower has already claimed their account.

Borrower Portal

Document Upload Tasks: Require an Upload before Completion

Prior to this release, a Borrower could mark a document upload task as Completed without actually uploading any document files.

Effective with this release, we have available an option to prevent a document upload task from being marked as Completed unless the Borrower has uploaded at least one file. This makes it impossible for a Borrowers to mark a document upload task as Completed without having first uploaded at least one document.

Lenders interested in implementing this option in their Borrower task flows should email us at support@revvin.com.

Documents Tab - Add Date and Time of Upload

This enhancement provides the Borrower with the information they need to determine the date and time that they or their LO had uploaded certain documents to the Borrower Portal.

Other Platform Changes

We have long supported a special hyperlink feature that automatically assigns a newly-created application to the Loan Officer identified in the hyperlink. Clients embed this type of link in the LO landing pages within the client's own marketing web site to auto-assign an application to the indicated LO when a Borrower clicks an Apply Now (or similar) button.

Effective with this release, we have added a new hyperlink feature that will allow Lenders to assign a full team to an application, similar to the LO assignment hyperlink feature that we have long supported.

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