Milestones are an easy way to display the current state of an application, both in a simplified view to the borrower and in a more complex view to the Loan officer, pulling data from the LOS. Milestones are fully configurable, and can be displayed to the borrower automatically as they are updated from within the LOS.

Borrower Facing Milestones

Borrower facing milestones are displayed at the top of the application, and expand when a mouse pointer hovers over them. Below we see that there are five borrower-facing milestones configured - application, processing, underwriting, conditions to close, and closing. This can be set up with as many or as few milestones as you would like. The triggers for updating these milestones are also customizable, and can be configured based upon both changes in the LOS as well as actions taken within the Maxwell platform.

Lender Hub and LOS Milestones

From within the Lender Hub, a Loan Officer can see both the currently displayed borrower milestone, as well as the status of the loan from within the LOS. Below we have two examples of possible flows, which are visible from the "status" tab within the application. LOS milestones can display the date stamp for when that milestone was reached, as well as the status of the loan at the top of the LOS Milestone window. In these two examples, one flow has a more simplified approach to the LOS milestones, whereas the second has a much more complex flow. This allows the Loan officer to easy view an application status without having to switch platforms between Maxwell and the LOS.

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