Release Notes Overview

Release Notes

As soon as we deploy a new release, we will add a Release Notes page to this site providing a summary of the new features and bug fixes that were deployed in that release. Use the main navigation to find the log of release notes.

Release Cycle

New releases which contain features and bug fixes are deployed every 3 weeks.

During the first 3 weeks we build the scheduled new features and bug fixes. All work undergoes QA testing as soon as it is completed during the development period.

At the end of the 3-week development cycle, we move all tested features into our staging environment where clients have the opportunity to review the new release before it goes live. At the end of the staging week we deploy the release to production.

In the meantime, while the release is available for review in staging, our dev team has already started working on the next release.

If we encounter a major bug at any time, we do a high priority hot-fix and deploy it to production immediately.

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