Loan Assignment Links

Agent slugs are used to define Loan officer Pages, as well as allow for apps to be automatically assigned to a specific Loan Officer as soon as they are created by the borrower via an assignment link. The agent slug is defined in the user management page, which is documented here.

If a borrower follows an agent slug link (your domain).com/?agent_slug=(the agent slug goes here)) then the app will be assigned to that agent, and the borrower will see that it is assigned when they start the app.

If your flow includes a "choose agent" page as part of the application, the borrower will still see the "choose agent" screen, but it will already be pre-filled to the corresponding agent (see screenshot below). If your flow does now include a "choose agent" screen, the application will still be automatically assigned to the Loan officer from the slug. This is incredibly helpful in allowing Loan officers to include links in promotional materials which will automatically assign the loan.

Another way in which loans can be automatically assigned is by the loan officers NMLS ID. The link used to assign a loan in this way would be (your domain).com/start?nmlsid=(the NMLS ID of the loan officer). An example would be Once the borrower starts the application and saves progress, the loan will be assigned to the corresponding loan officer. If two user profiles share the same NMLS ID, the assignment will not work, so it is imperative that each profile has a unique NMLS ID assigned.

A full team can be assigned to a loan in a similar way, but following the format (your domain).com/team/(team slug). This allows multiple agents to be automatically assigned to the loan at the time of account creation, without having to add other users (such as loan processors) to the loan file manually.

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