May 12, 2021 Release Notes

Lender Portal

Ability to delete a Co-Borrower

Previously there was no way in the Lender Portal to delete a Co-Borrower from an application. Instead, clients had to wait until an application was pushed to their LOS and then delete the Co-Borrower there.

Effective with this release, clients will find a Remove Co-Borrower menu choice under the Co-Borrower's name as shown below:

Complete Button added to end of each task

Effective with this release, a “Complete” button appears at the bottom of each task in the Borrower Tasks tab. This emulates the look and feel of the Borrower Portal. Button text defaults to "complete" but this text can be customized at client request.

Application view: tabs customization.

Effective with this release, the order of the tabs in the Lender Portal Application view can be changed, and the text on each tab can be customized.

Borrower Portal

Ability to add Co-Borrowers with no email address / no registration

Effective with this release, for clients that have SSO enabled or who simply prefer this option, we support the optional ability to let Borrowers add CoBorrowers without having to enter a separate email address for them. Choosing this option requires that the Borrower and Co-Borrower access the application via the Borrower's email address only.

Prevent negative entries for numeric fields

This release updates client Borrower Portals to prevent negative number inputs by default. This includes both currency and non-currency fields.

Allow the Borrower to change the LO after they have specified their LO

Some client Borrower Portals include a task at the beginning of the question flow that either identifies the assigned LO or lets the Borrower select the assigned LO. Once this task is completed the Borrwer cannot change this assignment.

This release includes the optional ability to allow the Borrower to change the Agent and assignment on a loan after the initial LO selection task has been completed and before the loan application is submitted.

Integration & Other Changes

Automatically Send VOA Report ID to DU

Effective with this release, when the client runs DU we pass the Finicity or AccountChek (FormFree) reference number to DU. The benefit is that this report ID helps DU identify verified asset accounts during its analysis of the loan file.

Silent Authentication

For clients who do not use Auth0 for authentication, we now support the ability to perform silent authentication (aka OIDC authenticate with prompt=none) to see if user is already logged in to OIDC identity provider when they arrive at MortgageHippo. This is configurable to be on or off, with off the default.

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