November 1, 2023 Release Notes

Customized visibility of the pre-qualification letter fields

Clients can select the fields that will be displayed in their Pre-Qualification Letters. It will be possible to select which fields to include, for example, "Rate", "APR", etc. By default we will show the current 11 fields.

  • Value to Clients: Our clients will have more control over the fields to be displayed in the letters generated by LOs/agents and borrowers.

  • Leveraging this Feature: Clients should contact us at if they want to customize this feature.

Pre-Qualification letter improvements: Add minimum down payment limit

We have added a new guardrail that will allow LOs to set a minimum down payment based on the assets provided in the application. This should allow the borrower and realtor to not issue Pre-Qualification Letters with 0% down.

  • Value to Clients: Empowering the Borrowers and Realtors to generate Pre-Qualification Letters without any help from their Loan Officer.

  • Leveraging this Feature: This will now be the default behavior of our system.

Allow VOIE Cascade task to work in the Lender Blueprint

Until now, from the Lender Blueprint it was only possible to verify employment through Work Number. From now on, it will be possible to select to do the same verification using both, Work Number and Truework Instant.

  • Value to Clients: It will be possible for the LOs and agents to find accurate information on the income and employment of borrowers from the Applications tab in the Lender Hub. This will increase its use.

  • Leveraging this Feature: This feature is not available by default with this release. Clients who use Truework Instant for income and employment verification, will need to contact us at to turn on the feature.

Support for additional custom fields for Celero (formerly Transnational)

Clients will be able to reconcile payments made on Celero with their respective loans on Revvin. For this, we added support for three different custom fields:

  • Revvin Loan Id

  • Revvin Task Id

  • LOS Loan Number

These fields are now available in the transactions report that Celero provides.

  • Value to Clients: Clients will be able to find the payment information associated with each application accurately, increasing efficiency.

  • Leveraging this Feature: Our clients that are using Celero (formerly Transnational) should contact us at to let us know if this is something they want to have added.

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