July 27, 2023 Release Notes

Ability for user with permissions to edit the duration of the Finicity VOA Report

Starting with this release Lender Hub users with the appropriate permissions will be able to choose the length of the VOA Report when they refresh it. This will be done via the already existing button that allows users to refresh this report. When the button is clicked users will see the option to request the refresh to be 3 months, 6 months or 12 months long.

  • Value: Improve Lender Hub users experience.

  • Leveraging this Feature: Clients that want this new feature enabled will need to contact support@revvin.com

Lender Hub - Pipeline UI Enhancements

With this release, the Lender Hub Pipeline pagination has been enhanced. These are the main changes that have been introduced:

  • The pagination is now located on the left side of the Pipeline.

  • New ability to select the number of rows that will be displayed per page. The options are: 10, 25, 50, 75 or 100 rows.

These changes will also be reflected in the other pipelines: User management and Archive.

  • Value to Clients: Increase the LO productivity and the usage of LP. The performance will be improved.

  • Leveraging this Feature: These changes will affect all Clients from the moment the release goes live, there is no configuration change needed for this to happen.

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