April 25, 2023 Release Notes

Single Bureau Credit Pull - All Credit Providers

Starting with this release, Revvin offers its clients to select the number of bureaus from which they want to obtain a credit run. Until now, all clients had to run tri-merges from Revvin.

With this new update, each client will be able to choose how many credit bureaus they want to call when running credit as well as selecting which bureaus they want to use.

  • Value to Clients: More flexibility around credit pulls

  • Leveraging this Feature: Clients that want to start using this feature should contact us at support@revvin.com.

Update Credit Score Buckets in Quick Quotes

The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) has recently announced changes in the redesign and recalibration of upfront fee matrices for some of its loans, both purchase and refinancing. In accordance with the new guidelines, to reflect these changes we have updated the credit score buckets in the Quick Quotes section of the Landing Pages.

New Credit Score OptionsPrevious Credit Score Options

780 & Up

740 & Up

760 - 779













619 or lower

639 or lower

  • Value to Clients: Our platform is updated with the latest Fannie Mae's and Freddie Mac's requirements.

  • Leveraging this Feature: This feature will be enabled for all Clients using the Quick Quote widget without configuration.

Smartviews - Added new fields to Smartviews

From now on, our Clients can select two new column options in the Pipeline. The new data points are:

  • LOS Current Milestone or application Lender Milestone that is active

  • Cell Phone Number

Clients can choose to add these new fields as new columns in their pipeline. Clients can also choose to have these as new filters in the pipeline. Lastly, clients can choose to have these new data points in their CSV Download of their pipeline.

  • Value to Clients: These new columns allow Lender Hub users to track the Borrower’s progress and other relevant information, which will increase the LO productivity.

  • Leveraging this Feature: Clients that want to add any of these data points to their pipeline, filters and/or CSV downloads should contact support@revvin.com

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