June 27, 2023 Release Notes

With this release Lender Hub users can now see their assignment links and are able to copy them in a simple and easy way. Lender Hub users will see a new icon in the top right of their screens and when they click it a modal opens and allows the user to copy the link.

Assignment links are a great tool for Loan Officers since these links are the easiest way for their Borrowers to start new applications assigned to them without Borrowers having to take any extra steps. These links can be used in landing pages, email signatures as well as shared with Borrowers via email or text.

  • Value to Clients: Improving Lender Hub users experience. Improving Assignments.

  • Leveraging this Feature: This new feature will be available to all Lender Hub users with the release.

Loan Origination System UI and functionality improvements

Starting with this release, all Loan Origination Systems sections of the Lender Hub include the following features:

  • Multiple Document Uploads - With this new feature Lender Hub users can select one or more documents to be pushed to their LOS.

  • UI Improvements - These new changes are general UI Improvements that make the user experience of this page much more pleasent and user friendly.

  • New location for Fnma and MISMO files - With this release the buttons for users to manually download the Fannie Mae file and the MISMO file are now positioned above the documents table instead of underneath it.

  • Value: This code simplifies our frontend code.

  • Leveraging this Feature: No implementation changes are needed to make this change available.

New Notification - Successful Payment

Starting with this release Revvin will notify Lender Hub agents assigned to applications, when Borrowers complete Payment Tasks successfully.

This notification lets Lender Hub agents know that their borrower has completed a custom task of type payment and that they are moving forward with their mortgage application.

  • Value to Clients: Improving Agents productivity.

  • Leveraging this Feature: Clients that use a Payment integration with Revvin will start receiving these notifications after the release.

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