March 15, 2023 Release Note


All Revvin Lender Hub users can now use a new pipeline feature called Smartviews.

Smartviews are tables similar to the Pipeline but they show a subset of the Pipeline data based on saved filters defined by each user.

Users can create an unlimited number of Smartviews based on searches they frequently use.

They can also choose what columns and in what order to display them. In addition, users can also by which column the data will be ordered what direction (e.g., "Newest first", "A-Z", etc.).​

Creating a Smartview can be done in 2 different ways: by clicking the "Add smartview" button, or by saving the already applied filters to the Pipeline as a new Smartview. Following are a few screenshots highlighting the process of creating a new Smartview.

There are two types of Smartviews:

  • User-generated Smartviews - those are created by each user and are only visible to the user that creates them.

  • Organization-level Smartviews - those are created by the Client Administrator and are available to use to all of the client's Lender Hub users.

  • Value to Clients: Increased Pipeline control to our Clients. This new feature allows them to control how their Pipeline is displayed and how applications are filtered by default. This also allows for increasing the productivity of the LOs as they will be able to access different sets of Pipeline data faster.

  • Leveraging this Feature: This will be enabled for all Clients with the release. In order to create organization-level Smartviews please contact and share your request with us.

Encompass Integration - Create new Revvin Applications from Encompass Applications

From this release on, it will be possible to create applications in Revvin's Lender Hub when they are created in Encompass. After creating, and completing as much of the application as needed, the Lender Hub users can send an invitation to the Borrower and notify the agents to inform them that a new application has been created. This allows Borrowers to complete their applications without having had to start them in Revvin themselves.

  • Value to Clients: This new feature increases Lender Hub users' productivity by allowing a direct connection between Encompass and our Platform.

  • Leveraging this Feature: This feature needs to be turned on by the Implementations Team. The Clients should email us at Also, Clients must set up their Encompass instance to allow the connection.

Batched Tasks - Custom Email Generation

Starting with this release, Loan Officers, and other Lender Hub Agents with the appropriate permissions are able customize the email notification that is sent to the Borrowers when creating new custom tasks for them. A default email notification content can be set up by client.

  • Value to Clients: LOs can communicate directly with Borrowers, increasing their confidence in the application process.

  • Leveraging this Feature: This will be enabled for all Partners with the release. Clients should email us at if they want to have a default message template.

Optimal Blue Integration Enhancement - Added USDA Pricing Products to API calls

Borrowers whose subject property is in a USDA-approved area can now view USDA Pricing Products for Clients that use Optimal Blue as their Pricing Engine.

  • Value to Clients: Clients will have more pricing options that offer specific solutions to Borrowers' needs.

  • Leveraging this Feature: Clients who use Optimal Blue as their Pricing Engine and want to show USDA pricing products should email us at

Services Tab - CRM New Sections

From now on, Clients who use CRMs, such as Total Expert or Velocify, will be able to see the CRM IDs in a new section in the Services Tab.

  • Value to Clients: For LOs and other agents, it will be easier to track the applications in the CRM from our system.

  • Leveraging this Feature: This feature is available to Clients using one of the CRMs we integrate and needs to be turned on by the Revvin. In order to do this, Clients must contact

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