Feb 9, 2021 Release Notes

Lender Portal

We have added the ability for the Loan Officer to copy the invite link for a Borrower from the Lender Portal so that they can embed the link in a personal email to the Borrower. This ability is available only if the Borrower has not claimed their account.

To utilize this enhancement, select Send Invitation Link in the application's three-dots menu, click the copy button, then paste the link into an email.

Unique FNM and MISMO Download File Names

We have modified our file naming convention to generate unique names for downloaded FNM 3.2 and MISMO 3.4 files. This makes it much easier for Lenders to manage multiple downloaded files.

Currently, every downloaded 3.2 file is named "fannie-mae-file.fnm". We follow a similar generic naming convention for the MISMO 3.4 file. Effective with this release, these file names will begin with the Borrower's last name followed by first name and date.

Add Option to Unassign an Application

Currently, if an application is assigned to an LO or a Team, there is no way for a Lender Portal user to un-assign that application. This release provides Lender Portal users having the ability to assign applications the additional ability to unassign them..

In the Borrower Portal, the Borrower must click a checkbox to verify that they consent to Equifax providing Work Number verification of income and employment (VOIE) information to the Lender.

Effective with this release, the Lender Portal Service tab displays information that verifies the Borrower clicked the checkbox to consent to The Work Number VOIE, including the date and time the Borrower gave their consent.

Borrower Portal

Improved Income Collection Fields

Currently the Borrower is only able to enter monthly income amounts. Effective with this release, the Borrower alternatively can provide income in one of the following ways:

  • Annual basis, as a single gross income amount before taxes.

  • Hourly basis, by specifying an hourly rate and the average number of hours worked per week.

Multiple Application Dropdown Improvements

This release delivers several Borrower user experience improvements for Borrowers with multiple applications, including more effective use of color and varied font sizes to improve readability. The most significant change is to include loan information in the application selection menu. This helps the Borrower select the desired loan, and, depending upon their need, possibly lets them avoid having to open the application at all.

We modified the address search to minimize the number of clicks required and to generally improve the Borrower experience providing address information.

Note: use of the Friendly Address Search feature requires configuration changes included (but not limited to) modifying the client’s blueprint(s).Friendly Address Search

Additional Enhancements

LOS Integration Enhancements for MISMO 3.4

In preparation for the required use of the new URLA, this release includes enhancements to:

  • Allow Lender Portal users to download the MISMO 3.4 file in three variations (see below).

  • Enable our LOS integrations to push a MISMO 3.4 file to each LOS directly.

LendingQB PriceMyLoan Integration

This release includes support for LendingQB's PriceMyLoan pricing engine. This permits LendingQB clients to take advantage of MortgageHippo's ability to serve up loan options in a variety of interactive ways to Borrowers, as well as to Loan Officers and other users within the Lender Portal.

Ability to Batch Email Notifications

Effective with this release, we now support the ability to batch some types of email notifications to reduce the number of emails sent. For example, this enhancement would result in a single notification to the LO for multiple Borrower documents uploaded within a several minute period of time.

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