August 31, 2022 Release Notes

Lender Portal Changes

Overview Tab

From this release on, LOs will have a new tab where they will be able to see a summary of the application and where they will be able to have some statistics. This new tab will include a summarized version of all the key information from an application. Borrower Milestones, Application Completed Percentage, Loan Product Selected, Asset Information, Income Information, Liabilities Information and more. One thing to note is that only the relevant information will be displayed. For example, for clients that don’t have Borrower milestones setup, that section will not be displayed. Clients that don’t have DU or other integrations in their platform won't see those sections in the Overview Tab..

Value to Lenders

This feature will help LOs get an overview of the applications, as well as see how the statistics change as modifications are made.

Leveraging this Feature

Our Customers should contact us at to let us know if this is something they would like us to enable for them.

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