Sep 28, 2020 Release Notes

Lender Portal

Mortech Integration

Now available for use within MortgageHippo, please email us at if you would like to implement this new integration.

New CSV Exports Tab

From now on, whenever a user downloads a CSV they will have the document ready to be downloaded in this new tab.

Our clients should add these links to their own site’s apply buttons or email signature line when they want their apps to be assigned to a specific LO. Below is an example of how the URL should be formatted.


Control Over Borrower Invites

Lender Portal users will now be able to choose whether or not they want to invite the borrower right when they create a new app through the Lender Portal.

Immediate Pipeline Updates

Pipeline no longer has an issue not showing the new application when created through the Lender Portal. This was previously causing issues where a Lender Portal user would create an application in the Lender Portal, but the newly-created application would not appear in the pipeline view.

Borrower Portal

Spaces in Filenames bug fix

Spaces in filenames no longer break image uploads. Borrowers were previously uploading files with spaces in the filename that would break the upload.

Both Borrower & Lender Portals

GA/GTM Integration

These are the events that we are now able to track:

  • Application Start: Refers to the start of an anonymous application.

  • Account Signup: Refers to account creation.

  • Account Login: Any login by a borrower or lender portal user.

  • Account Logout: Any logout by a borrower or lender portal user.

  • Task Start: Refers to clicking on a specific task for the first time. This will trigger a task view as well.

  • Task View

  • Task Complete: This refers to when a borrower completes any task.

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