Sep 13, 2020 Release Notes

Lender Portal

New Borrower Invitation Flow

With this release (and until next one) the Borrower invite flow will be done in two steps. When applications are created through the Lender Portal we will not send the invitation link automatically. Instead, the Lender Portal user will choose whether they want to send the invitation link to the borrower.

CSV Download Failures bug fix

Fixed an issue where large Lender Portal dashboard CSV files would start downloading and then fail due to the size of the file.

Borrower Portal

Improved Assets Task UI

The UI of the assets task has been improved, now Borrowers will have a more clear view of their options to link their accounts or to manually enter their assets.

Login to Existing Applicant with an Anonymous Account

From now on, if an applicant starts an application, completes at least one task, and then they login to their already existing account, a new application will be created for them with the information they entered before logging in.

Updated Terms Page

There are now three links next to the checkbox on the sign-up page: MortgageHippo Terms of Use, MortgageHippo Privacy Policy and MortgageHippo e-Consent. Clicking on the links now opens a modal and not an additional tab or window. So the policies are viewable natively within the platform.

Both Borrower & Lender Portals

Work Number Instant Verification

Verification of employment integration that provides instant income and employment data to verify borrowers information. If you already have a Work Number account we can make this new feature available in your borrower flow and Lender Portal.

New Message for Unsupported Browsers

When someone visits one of our clients' sites from any unsupported browsers, they will see an alert message that will let them know that they need to change browsers in order to utilize our platform.

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