Partners & Sites


Each Maxwell client is called a "Partner" in our implementation. This is the level at which we configure the Lender Hub URL, settings, Blueprints, Sites, etc.

Each Partner can contain an unlimited number of Sites. Generally, settings and configurations that are set at the Partner level, are inherited by all the Sites within that Partner.

Each Partner has one Lender Hub for the Partner agents (e.g. Loan Officers, Administrators, etc) to manage the application pipeline. Depending on each agent's permission, they may have access to all, some, or none of the applications generated from the customer facing Sites.


A Site is a borrower-facing experience. Each Site may either be configured by inheriting the settings from the Partner, or have its own unique settings for flow, branding, language, etc.

Some clients choose to only have one Site, while others have tens - one for each of their sub-brands, configured for that brand.

Another reason to have multiple sites could be that a client needs to process applications for different verticals, such as mortgage, consumer credit, auto loans, etc. In this case, the branding and most of the language can be set once at the partner level for brand consistency at all sites. However, each site can be configured to deliver different messaging and a completely different flow based on the vertical it serves.

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