Aug 4, 2021 Release Notes

Lender Portal

Pre-Approval/Pre-Qual Letter: Signature Customizations

Originally, the Pre-Approval/Pre-Qual Letter feature always printed the site name as part of the signature block at the bottom of the letter. Recently, several Lenders with multiple separately-branded sites requested the ability to always generate letters with a signature block that references the parent organization instead of the individual site's name.

Effective with this release, we can now separately customize, at the site level, the signature block company name to be whatever the Lender would like.

Lenders who would like to explore this new capability should contact us at

Dashboard Pipeline: New TRID Columns

Four new optional TRID-related columns debut in this latest release. Lenders can choose which of these fields they want to display in the Pipeline (along with the existing columns):

  • TRID Fields Collected (True or False) . This field is set to False (blank) until and unless all six TRID fields have been collected.

  • TRID Fields Collected Date. This field reflects the date and time that all six TRID fields are initially present. Once set, this date does not subsequently change.

  • TRID App Submitted (True or False) . This field is set to when True "TRID Fields Collected" is True AND the loan application has been submitted by the Borrower.

  • TRID App Submitted Date. This field reflects the date and time that a loan file's TRID App submitted field was set to True.

In additional to the ability to display one or more of these fields, this release also supports:

  • The ability to sort and /or filter application in the Dashboard by the TRID field(s) added.

  • Adding the TRID field(s) fields to the CSV download.

  • Generating custom TRID-related notifications.

If the value of these fields has not been calculated (for older loan files), then the TRID column value(s) will be blanks.

Lenders who are interested in learning more or in adding one or more TRID columns to their Dashboard Pipeline should contact us at

Dashboard Pipeline: Ability to Assign an LO or Team to an Application

A client shared with us the following problems:

  • It requires too many clicks for their site admins and branch managers to assign or re-assign a loan.

  • This is consuming a lot of time and the time required was growing as their pipeline expanded.

Believing that all clients would benefit, this release includes ability for an LO or Team to be assigned to a loan from the Pipeline as shown below.

SSN Masking

This release introduces automatic SSN masking as shown below. If a Lender instead would like its Lender Portal users to be able to see the SSN, then a new option (configurable at the site level) is now available to "unmask" the SSN.

Borrower Portal Changes

SSN Masking

This new feature will allow our clients to choose if they want SSNs to be masked or not in the Borrower Portal.

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