September 27, 2023 Release Notes

From now on, the LOs can easily associate Real Estate Owned (REO) with a liability. Identifying which liability corresponds to which property is crucial, especially with multiple mortgages. For this, we simplify connecting liabilities to properties from the Lender Hub. Therefore, these new improvements will facilitate the audit of liabilities and avoid duplication of liabilities, helping maintain the loan file accuracy and improve the accuracy of the loan approval process.

Identifying existing loans without association with the borrower's reported properties will be easy. Possible duplicates will also be easily identifiable.

The LO can link an REO property to a mortgage liability by adding it under the "Services" tab. If no REO is declared, but the loan type is Refinance or HELOC, the LO can assign the Subject Property to it.

  • Value to Clients: Improve the accuracy, the LOs experience and the usage of the Lender Hub.

  • Leveraging this Feature: This will now be the default behavior of our system.

Lender Hub - Multiple Applications Order Changes

Starting from this moment forward, when displaying multiple associated applications in the Lender Hub drop-down menu, applications will show with the most recently created at the top of the list.

  • Value to Clients: It will improve the experience of LOs and agents in the Lender Hub.

  • Leveraging this Feature: This feature will be enabled to all Clients without any configuration.

Send Revvin Application ID to Celero (formerly Transnational)

Now we will include the Revvin Application ID as a custom field when sending information to Celero (formerly Transnational). This will enable our clients to easily identify which applications have made payments for fees and other items, and which ones are still pending. This approach will eliminate the need to manually audit each application individually.

  • Value to Clients: Improve the agent experience, as it will no longer be necessary to manually review payments.

  • Leveraging this Feature: This feature will affect all Clients that have Celero as payment vendor integration.

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