Jan 25, 2022 Release Notes

Lender Portal Changes

User Folder improvements

  • In this release, we added a default folder for agents that have more than one folder.

  • In the User profile, when more than one folder is added, a field called Default Folder will automatically appear. It will display the first folder in user's Folders list.

  • The user can then select a different default folder if they choose.

  • When an application is assigned to a Loan Officer, this folder will be the one which the applications will be assigned.

Borrower Portal Changes

Effective with this release, all Lenders will benefit from the following enhancements related to employment:

  • Years on the job will now be limited to two digits, so entries like this will be impossible:

  • Added validation to the Employer Start Date field to prevent entry of start date before 1900.

  • We also modified our Work Number integration to prevent the Borrower from adding a start date before 1900.

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