Loan Product Advisor (LPA)

Loan Product Advisor (LPA)

How Does It Work

  • All applicable information collected in the borrower application is sent to LPA for review

  • LPA returns findings which are displayed in the Lender Hub as well as a PDF report of the LPA decision

Borrower Hub Integration

The LPA integration does not display in the Borrower Hub

Lender Hub Integration

  • Located in the AUS subsection of the Services tab

  • Allows Loan Officers to view LPA results, and run additional LPA reviews

Criteria for LPA to Run Successfully

  1. A current employer must be present on the loan file

  2. The answer to the first declaration, "Do you intend to occupy the property as your primary residence?" must match the occupancy type from the application. If the borrower indicated the subject property will be their primary residence, this must be a yes, and if they indicate it will not be their primary residence, this must be a no.

  3. A loan program must be selected in Loan Pricer - This can be done in the Borrower Hub on the "Loan Options" task (if present in your flow), or in the Lender Hub in the "Loan Pricer" tab

  4. Once all the above has been completed, LPA can be run successfully

A manual data entry field can be added upon request for the monthly expense (principal plus interested) of the proposed loan. This fields can be filled out in lieu of selecting a loan in loan pricer.

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