Oct 12, 2021 Release Notes

Lender Portal Changes

Lender Portal UI for editing Folder structure

This release makes available a new section of the User Management feature.

By way of background, MortgageHippo provides the ability to set up a Folder structure for a Lender. This Folder structure provides an additional way to control and manage Lender Portal user access to loan files in addition to the files immediately assigned to the user.

To leverage this capability, or to make changes once a Folder structure was in place, Lenders have been required to submitted detailed support requests and then wait for Engineering to execute their requests.

The current release empowers Lenders to set up and manage their folder structure directly via the Lender Portal, as shown here:

After a Folder is created, then the user is able to assign other Lender Portal users to the Folder:

Lenders who are interested in exploring our Folders capability, or who already utilize Folders and who would like to manage their Folder structure directly, should contact us at support@revvin.com.

Access to this feature is controlled by the Lender's Access Levels. We expect that most Lenders will elect to provide this capability only to Admin users, but Folder management can be enabled for any Access Level(s) that the Lender designates.

Dashboard Pipeline: new Folders filter

Effective with this release, we have added a new Folder filter to the Lender Portal dashboard Pipeline. Users can optionally apply this filter to only show application files from a specific Folder.

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