May 28, 2021 Release Notes

Lender Portal

Ability for to push all supporting documents to Encompass at once

In this release we have added the ability for the Lender Portal user to select all uploaded supporting documents in a single click and then upload the documents to Encompass. Alternatively, Lender Portal users can select one or more individual documents to upload if desired.

Ability to Search Dashboard Pipeline by Application ID

More and more Lenders would like their Loan Officers, Managers, and Processors to be able to search the Pipeline by Application ID, especially if they receive a notification email that a loan application failed to push to their LOS. Lender Portal uses will also benefit from this new search capability when they have the LOS Application and need to find the corresponding loan file in the Lender Portal.

Ability to Search Dashboard Pipeline by Status

In the December 1, 2020 release, we added an optional Pipeline CRM Status feature that allows Lender Portal users to select from a list of client-specific workflow status codes to help track whether or not the application is a new lead, whether or not the Lender has spoken to the Borrower, and so on.

Effective with this release, we now support the ability of the Lender Portal user to filter the Dashboard Pipeline by matching CRM status. This permits Lenders to more effectively manage their workflows and identify applications in need of review or follow-up action.

Borrower Portal

HMDA questions: support for multiple demographic responses

Effective with this release, we have added more flexibility on the responses that Borrower may make to demographic questions required by HMDA. specifically:

Allow borrowers to pick any options they want (ex: ethnicity only lets me choose Hispanic or Not Hispanic, allow them to choose both if desired

  • For a given demographic category (e.g. race) Borrowers may check I don’t want to specify but they are still able to specify.

  • A Borrower can select one or more race or ethnicity subcategories even if they have not selected a race or ethnicity aggregate category. For example, an applicant could select Mexican even if the applicant has not selected Hispanic or Latino.

  • If a Borrower provided complete or partial information, but also selected that he or she did not wish to provide the information for an application, then we add to the loan file the ethnicity, race, and sex information that the Borrower did provide.

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