Borrower Hub Integration

  • Based on desired client configuration, borrower data is submitted to PriceMyLoan when the borrower submits their application and the file is pushed to LQB/MeridianLink

  • After the file is submitted, a pricing task can be added to the Borrower Hub to display pricing to borrower

  • For clients opting out of an auto-push, the Loan Officer can run pricing in the Lender Hub after the borrower has submitted their application

  • Borrower information related to pricing will be submitted to PriceMyLoan

  • If key pricing information is missing from the application, default assumptions are used to obtain pricing

Lender Hub Integration

  • Pricing information can be reviewed in the Pricing tab

  • The lender can update data within the Pricing tab to review the affect on pricing

Additional Information

  • Using this integration, borrowers have the ability to select a loan product and pricing

  • Available to clients using the LQB/MeridianLink LOS

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