May 28, 2020 Release Notes

What’s New or Improved:


Pricing engine integration.

The Work Number

Instant Verification of Employment integration through the Lender Portal.

Manually Suppress LO Landing Pages

Allow clients to manually suppress LO landing pages for non-LO users - Users with access to the Users Management section of the Lender Portal will now be able to choose which users will have Landing Pages and which ones won't.

Allow Clients To Edit The LO Slug Field

Users with access to the Users Management section of the Lender Portal will now be able to edit the slug used to define the URL for each LOs landing page.

Download The FNMA File Without An LOS Integration

There is a new button in the 3 dot menu of each application where Lender Portal users will be able to download the FNMA file.

Add 2 New Columns To The Lender Portal Pipeline

  • Application Submitted Date

  • LOS Loan number.

These new columns will also appear in the CSV download of the pipeline. Note:

  • For applications that were submitted before this release was deployed, the Application Submitted Date will be blank.

  • The Completed Column will be removed because the two new columns together provide equivalent information

Ability to Send Email Notifications From Client Domains Using Mailgun

We will be able to set up sites to send notifications from whatever domain our clients need. We are also able to change the “sent from” name in those email notifications.

Encompass Mapping Enhancements

Changes have been made to the income section and to the REO Property section.

Changes To The Password Reset Email And Reset Page

These changes will make the reset password email have our clients’ branding and not Auth0’s.

FNMA File Changes

Changes to Stocks and Bonds to include account number as part of the name and mapping the Subject Property Address as an REO for Refinances.

SSN Validation

New feature that, if configured, will check if the SSN entered by users is a valid SSN.

Bug Fixes

  • Double Push of Applications to LOS: We fixed a bug that, in rare cases, could result in a loan file being pushed to the LOs twice instead of once.

  • Multiple Push of Documents to LOS: We fixed a bug that was causing a supporting document to be pushed to the LOS more than once time if the Borrower changed the document Description field.

  • Auth0 Deletion Issue: We fixed a problem that occurred when a Lender Portal user was deleted. The problem was that the corresponding user was not being deleted in Auth0, which caused problems if a Lender Portal user with the same email address was subsequently created.

  • LOS Loan Number Display Delay: We fixed a bug in the Lender Portal that caused the display of a newly-assigned LOS Loan Number to be delayed. This bug affected our MortgageFlex and Encompass LOS integrations only.

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