January 31, 2023 Release Notes

Manual Milestone Update

From this release, clients who do not use any of our LOS integrations Milestone mapping or who want to update Borrowers and LOS Milestones manually, can use the new feature that we have created. This new feature will allow them to do so. Users with the necessary permissions can do the manual update from the Milestones Tab in the Lender Portal.

  • Value to Clients: Our Clients will be able to track the life of applications from the Lender Portal increasing the LO’s productivity.

  • Leveraging this Feature: Clients that are not currently using the LOS Milestone mapping should contact us at support@revvin.com to let us know if this is something they want to have added to their Revvin Platform.

Documents Name change based on Timezone

Currently, when using some third-party integrations (like WorkNumber, or DU), different documents are generated. These documents’ names contain the exact date and time the system generates them. Up until now these dates and times were in UTC Timezone. From now on, the date and time of these documents will correspond to the Timezone configured at the Partner Level on the Management Portal. In case of not having any Timezone configured, UTC Timezone will be the default for assigning the name of the documents.

  • Value to Clients: It will be easier for the LO to keep track of the dates the reports were requested, increasing the LO’s productivity.

  • Leveraging this Feature: This feature is available by default with this release.

Finicity Integration Improvement - Added error messages to LP

From now on, LOs can see why our system cannot refresh a Finicity report. Usually, a Finicity error occurs when the Borrowers have changed their login credentials after linking their accounts or the report was more than 90 days in the past. Now, these errors will be displayed, allowing LOs to identify and resolve the cause of the error.

  • Value to Clients: Help to identify the cause and solution of the error, increasing LO productivity.

  • Leveraging this Feature: This feature is available by default with this release to all clients that integrate with Finicity.

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