Mar 23, 2021 Release Notes

Lender Portal

Support for Multiple Secondary Email Addresses

Lender Portal users can now update their profile to specify multiple email addresses in the Secondary Email field. The Secondary Email field is used to identify email addresses that should be copied on the Lender Portal user's platform notifications.

Ability to disable Password Reset when SSO is enabled

Effective with this release, a configuration setting is now available that can disable the Reset Password functionality in the Lender Portal for clients who use SSO. This eliminates a point of potential confusion for Lender Portal users.

Ability to hide Loan File Download Options

Originally, in the 3 dot menu for each application, all loan file download options were available by default.

Effective with this release, we can modify a client's Lender Portal access levels to hide various file download options if the client so requests.

Ability to customize Pipeline Filters

Effective with this release, we can modify a client's Lender Portal filters to partially customize when loans should be visible in the Lender Portal. For example, loans without email addresses could be hidden or displayed.

Borrower Portal

This release include some minor enhancements to the Loan Officer Landing Page template:

  • Email address and Phone Number are now hyperlinks

  • Loan Officer image is now centered on mobile.

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