Nov 22, 2021 Release Notes

Lender Portal Changes

"Dashboard" is now "Pipeline"

Effective with this release, the name of the main section of the Lender Portal has been updated from Dashboard to Pipeline.

User Management - CSV download Last Updated column

For some time, the User Management Pipeline has included a column called “Last Updated”, which captures the date and time of each user's most recent log in to the Lender Portal:

Effective with this release. we have added the Last Updated column to the CSV download as well. Lenders can potentially use this field as a measure of Loan Officer (or other user) adoption and engagement:

User Management - Agent Bio Field supports HTML

This enhancement allows agents to add text styling to the Bio field in their User Management profile record. The Bio field appears in the Loan Officer Landing Page, an optional feature that Lenders can enable to provide their Loan Officers with their own marketing landing page.

Other Platform Changes

HelloSign eSign Task - non-spouse Co-Borrower safeguard

Starting with this release, if the Borrower and Co-Borrower are not spouses, then our platform prevents the Borrower from eSigning on behalf of the Co-Borrower using HelloSign.

MortgageFlex - auto-convert supporting docs to PDF

To eliminate the risk that a Borrower could upload a supporting document with a file format that MortgageFlex does not support, our platform now automatically changes the format of all uploaded supporting documents to PDF before pushing them to MortgageFlex.

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