Landing Pages

Landing pages are optional pages where you can customize the borrower experience by displaying information about your bank, providing a more inviting experience for the borrower. Depending on your pricing engine integrations, you may also be able to display quick quote and featured rates widgets to borrowers, streamlining the borrower experience. Landing pages are accessible as a page on your main site, following the pattern of "www.(yoursite).com/(your chosen landing page title). in this example, the landing page is accessible at Feel free to tour this demo landing page!

If you are integrated with Optimal Blue as your pricing engine, you will have the option of displaying featured rates to the borrower, further incentivizing them to complete an application.

Quick quotes can also be generated from a modal within the landing page (if you are integrated with a pricing engine), giving the borrower a rates quote without spending the time to complete a full application.

About us text customize the borrower experience, allowing you to demonstrate the value of choosing your institution as their proffered lender.

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