Feb 26, 2021 Release Notes

Lender Portal

HelloSign Integration

Within the Application view, Lender Portal users can now add a Sign Documents task to a Borrower's application at any time. Our integration with HelloSign enables the Borrower to quickly review and eSign documents from within the familiar UI of the Borrower Portal.

Loan Pipeline: New Percent Complete column

Effective with this release, for each application in the Pipeline, we we now calculate the percentage of the application that has been completed. The Percent Complete appears in the Pipeline as a new column.

Percent Complete has also been added as a sort (Order By) column to enable the Loan Office to focus on the applications of greatest interest at the moment.

Enhancements to the Generate Pre-Approval Letter feature

Originally, the Generate Pre-Approval Letter feature was available in the Applications three-dots menu for all clients, all Lender portal users, and all loan types.

This release includes the following enhancements:

  • The Generate Pre-Approval Letter menu choice is enabled by default. Clients who do not wish to take advantage of this feature should email support@revvin.com and request that it be disabled.

  • If enabled for a client, all Lender Portal users will see this menu choice by default. Upon client request, access to this menu choice can be constrained by AccessLevel.

  • Pre-approval letters is only relevant for Purchase loans. Therefore this menu choice appears only when the selected application is for a Purchase.

Borrower Portal

Ability to Add eSign tasks in the Borrower question flow

As mentioned in the Lender Portal section above, we have added an eSign integration with HelloSign that lets Loan Officers add a custom Sign Documents task to a Borrower's tasks.

This enhancement also lets clients add one or more eSign tasks to their standard question flow where desired. Our standard blueprint logic then can conditionally show or hide the task(s) as required.

Quick Quotes feature: Option to display Non-Par Pricing

Clients who use our QuickQuotes feature to display Borrower-facing loan options in their Loan Officer and/or Company Landing Pages now have a new option.

Effective with this release, clients can decide whether they would like Quick Quote to display Buy Down Points and associated rates. Non-Par Pricing is disabled by default. Clients who wish to take advantage of this feature should:

  • Verify that non-par pricing options are available in their pricing engine.

  • Email support@revvin.com and request that Quick Quote Non-Par Pricing be enabled.

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