Aug 24, 2021 Release Notes

Lender Portal Changes

New Reporting Feature

This release introduces a new Reporting section to the Lender Portal that will allow Lender Portal Admins (and potentially other types of users) to review and interact with:

  • Visual reports such as bar charts and pie charts.

  • Report filters that provide Lender Portal users with basic drill down capabilities.

  • User control over date ranges to better perceive trends and changes over time.

We have debuted the new Reporting feature as a dashboard focused around Submitted Applications. This first-generation feature will be enhanced and expanded over time with additional reports and new capabilities that will provide Lenders with more powerful and illuminating insights into their business.

Please submit a support request to if you would like the Reporting feature added to your Lender Portal.

Pre-populate Borrower email address for account creation

Effective with this release, when our platform "knows" the email address associated with the Borrower, we will pre-fill the email address field within the popup window that is presented in the following situations:

  • The Borrower is claiming their account.

  • The Borrower is creating a new application under an email address not yet in use.

This change affects applications started after the deployment of this release. It will eliminate a potential source of error and confusion.

Other Changes

Transnational Payments integration: enhanced transaction receipts

Currently, Lenders who leverage MortgageHippo's Transnational Payment integration to accept Borrower payments receive a receipt from Transnational for each transaction.

However, transaction receipts have not contained the Borrower's name and address or the name of the site on which the transaction occurred. The site name is important for Lenders with multiple Borrower Portals.

Effective with this release:

  • Borrowers will now be asked to provide a payment and shipping address when making a payment via Transnational in the Borrower Portal.

  • Transaction receipts sent to Lenders will include the name of the site on which the transaction occurred as well as the Borrower's name and address.

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