March 11, 2024 Release Notes

Review new features and bug fixes from our March release.

Screen Share

Introducing Screen Share, a new feature that allows lenders to view their borrower's POS browser window upon request. This feature facilitates real-time assistance from LOs and team members for borrower questions on the application, tasks, and technical support.

Initially, we check if the borrower(s) are logged into the POS since they must be online to provide permission to share their screen.

When the borrower grants permission, they are connected with their lender. This allows both parties to view the same information on screen. The borrower can observe the lender's actions in real-time, and the lender can provide clear guidance and instructions to the borrower as needed.

Several helpful tools are located at the bottom of the Lender's display to help guide borrowers. Lenders can highlight the cursor or draw on the screen to illustrate their point.

After the session ends, you will need to request permission from the borrower again to reconnect.

  • Value to users: Lenders can guide borrowers who need assistance during the application process in real time.

  • Leveraging this Feature: This feature will be enabled for all organizations by default. If you do not see it please contact for support

Improving the Load Time Performance of the Agents Dropdown

Previously, whenever the Lenders needed to edit the Manage Team from the Team tab in the Lender Hub, all the contacts were loaded. When the number of contacts reached the thousands, the load time could last up to 30 seconds. For snappier load time performance, we implemented a search and autocomplete function that allows Lenders to quickly search for team members without having to load and scroll all contacts every time.

This feature will be functional not only from the "Team" tab under the "User Management" section but also when creating roles for a particular site in the "Roles" tab, and from the "Team Assignment Templates" when adding or modifying a team.

  • Value to Lenders: Searches will be processed much faster, reducing waiting times for team members.

  • Leveraging this Feature: This feature will be enabled for all organizations without any configuration.

Overview Tab - Add Decimals for Down Payment Percentage

We have improved the precision of the Down Payment calculation by adding a decimal point in the Overview tab, making it easier to identify the accurate value for qualifying loan products like FHA loans.

  • Value to Clients: It will enhance decision making for LOs and lenders by improving visibility to calculations.

  • Leveraging this Feature: This feature is available by default with this release.

LPA Upgrade

The LPA was upgraded to version 5.3.00, with new features added to improve integration:

  • We now consider the property valuation amount along with any values entered through AVM integrations.

  • LPA extended their MISMO specifications, so we added new fields:

    • AccessoryDwellingUnitTotalCount in collaterals and assets.

    • DeedRestrictionTermMonthsCount in collaterals.

    • PositiveRentalHistoryIndicator in loan.

These fields are not required, and will only be added if the Lending organization deems them necessary to add and report to LPA.

Leveraging this Feature: This upgrade will be enabled for all Lending organizations using LPA without any configuration. Lending organizations that want to start using some of the new LPA improvements should contact us at

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